Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tell The Truth Thursday! A Facebook Truth!

So I have lots of friends on my personal Facebook page.... (OK not lots but enough... OK so Its more like a few, maybe...) and I love Facebook it's great for keeping in touch, sharing pictures, resources and keeping up on life with the people you are close to and even those ones you keep around to creep on I mean creep on I mean... oh hell I do mean creep on... you know you do it too!

Anyway I have the friends on Facebook that update every few months with Happy birthday to whoever or were moving or were having another baby and thats great... I have the friends that update every week or so with funny stories or pictures and such and thats great too... but we all have the friends that post every two minutes where they are, what they are doing and how sweet their child/cat/dog is.... and that is...

Ok lets tell the TRUTH here!

It's annoying....

I am all for letting the people you know in on your life, and what happens and who you are with and I do love that my Blog friends post frequently throughout the day but to see the same person update every ten minutes with personal issues kinda bugs me....

I mean things happen in life and they change you and your life in a moments notice, they flip your life on its head, happy and sad, blessings and sacrifices they all happen to all of us. I am so glad that I have the support of the people in my life be that in my household, on the Blog or even on Facebook but there are somethings in life that are sacred, some things that the world doesn't need every detail on...

I don't mean to offend if you are a constant personal life Facebook poster, and I don't mean to demean either but really don't you have support offline? Can't you call up a friend and say "Hey I need to talk!" or "Look this just happened can you help me?"

TRUTH be told this all stems from this summer.... and as I have mentioned previously my family suffered a great and tragic loss this summer when my Father-In-Law passed away, it took me a great deal of time to share that information here on the blog and I haven't shared it outright on my personal Facebook or on the Blogs Facebook page either... however about a week after his passing a "friend" on Facebook posted that a family member was ill and was not going to make it, she then posted repeatedly that day and over the next few days about the family members status and that she was so very sad, I felt heart broken for her and for her family but I couldn't help but feel that this was a bit on the inappropriate side. This poor family member was on their death bed and here was this girl posting every detail about it on Facebook.

Maybe I am just a little more private, maybe I just don't over step my boundaries when it comes to other peoples lives or maybe just maybe this crosses the line!

I am all for Facebook as I have stated above and previously here on the blog but I feel like it has allowed us to forget that the people we post about and the topics we discuss may just be a little to private for 400 of your "closest" friends to know!

I mean really the life and times of Jane So and So sure are interesting and I know that its hard sometimes to pull back and keep the info to yourself but really I don't need to know how many centimeters dilated you are or that your kid just broke his leg and the bone is sticking out and oh by the way have a look at the photo I just took at the ER! I know that having a phone that makes this all too easy to share, I know that sometimes you just need to get the words out, I know that the torment of feeling alone in the heartbreak is unbearable but... and this is a BIG BUT is it really helping you to post it on Facebook?

I know, I know delete this poor soul or block them and walk away right. Well thats fine and I do that to almost all of them... but like I said you have those few that you creep on...

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