Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oops another unplanned vacation...

So it seems that I have taken an unintentional blog vacation... for the last MONTH!

Holy cow I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post... but here I am back at it, well sort of...

I am so sorry that I haven't been posting but if it makes you any happier I have been writing in my journal somewhat regularly... It seems that when I am writing in my journal I have so much less time for my blog... The blog to me is about sharing my projects and getting my Momma self out there, as well as sorting out my thoughts when it comes to being a Momma. So I keep my journal to sort out my not Momma thoughts like things that happen in my everyday crazy not Momma part of my brain... things that happen with Robyn, things that happen with friends and family that I deem too private to share with... well.... the ENTIRE WORLD!

(I know the entire world isn't reading right now but once its out there you never know who is gonna log on and take a peep into my world through my bloggy windows... )

So once I feel a little down or upset I turn to my journal for comfort and to sort out how I feel... and then the blog suffers a hit because I've used all my writing abilities on my journal or I'm just too drained emotionally, physically or mentally to sit here and write out what is happening in my head that pertains to crafting or Momma-hood.

Another big drain on blog content is as I'm sure is the case with many bloggers is Christmas... between the busyness of the season (Christmas parties, parades, sing alongs, and tree lightings) and the gift making and cookie baking its just such a difficult time to blog. I don't want to spoil the surprise of the wonderful gifts I'm giving to my family and friends or the super cute items I am working on for Robyn and while I don't mind showing off what Im making for the kids, because lets face it at 1 and 4 they aren't exactly logging onto the blogosphere and checking out their gifts, but I don't want to show the whole world until they get it so its a little fun for Delaney to show off what she got from Momma and well its nice for her to brag that her Momma Made It! (it is after all how I named the blog!)

Either way I know its my own fault... I am making excuses I know that I am...

So here I go again thinking about the blog and how I have it laid out and how I want it to be and what I need to change to make it more me or more intriguing not only for those of you lovelies that are here reading whatever may happen to fall out of my head but also for me to want to keep posting and for me to have a nice little place for things to fall out of my head!

Happy Weekend Friends!
See you back here tomorrow... I hope!

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