Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tell the Truth Thursday! My kid cracks me up!

If you've been here before you know that my girl Delaney is 4! (Hard to believe but she is....)

Anyway she is one of the lights of my life! She is bright and thoughtful and happy and beyond funny!

Funny to the point that I've considered starting a twitter along the lines of "stuff" my kid says...

The other day she looks at me and says... "Anyways back at the bat cave..." I lost it! I have no idea where it came from why she thought she needed to change the subject but it was just too funny!

She is a complete HAM and brightens my day with her funny faces and sayings as well as her loving heart!

She donates her toys knowing that little boys and girls out there have less than she does without us asking and she lights up at the littlest surprises and screams "it's just what I always wanted!" No matter if she knows what it is or not.

Today while practicing her writing and sending a letter to her Nana she says to me "Momma I'm just sending some love..." Then started singing a made up song that went like this " these are the true hero's of my family! I have great friends who always help me!"

She is one of a handful of people in this world that I'd give up everything for and when I'm unhappy or sad (which seems to be a lot lately) she is there, she makes me laugh when I feel like crying, she makes me smile when I want to yell and she warms my heart when I feel the world is against me!

There is no one I love like I love her!

That's my truth this Thursday!

What's your truth? Do you have a kiddo that is a true ham? One that can make you smile no matter how down you are? Tell me all about them in the comments!

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  1. Wow. You have raised a wonderful child. Kudos to your parenting.

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