Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kids Bedroom Organizing!

So as of late I have realized just how messy the toys in the kids room and play room are.... OK so many people have pointed it out to me and I have recently come out of denial... (Its not just a river in Egypt you know.)

So I was determined to show said people that I could organize the toys and keep the toys off the floor with some help from Delaney!

So off to the Dollar Store I went! Because well, I love a sale, and lets face it they have something to solve every problem at the dollar store... right...

I picked up this dandy little paper towel holder that you mount to the underside of your cupboard for $2 and screwed that baby to the ceiling (into a stud of course...)

Then I hung this toy holder that they already had on there and filled it with toys... 

 VOILA! Problem solved for just $2!

Love a Dollar Store problem solver! What are your favorite Dollar Store problem solvers? Share in the comments you never know your problem solvers might just help me out!

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