Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tell the Truth Thursday! School!

Delaney's has finally had her first day of kinder-start! (that's like pre-school in our area...)

I am so excited for her to FINALLY go to school. I have had a few Momma friends ask why I'm so excited, aren't I a little sad, don't I wish she were still a baby? My answer... not really.

I am a little sad that she is growing up so fast and becoming so independent so quickly but isn't the point of having children to raise them and watch them grow into happy, successful, productive members of society? Isn't part of the joy of being a parent watching your child discover the things that make them happy or sad, the things that are their strengths and their weaknesses.

She started kinderstart back in January and she loves it!

She will be starting regular (french immersion) kindergarten in the fall but for the winter leading up to their first year of school they have one session a month where they go to school with some of the kids that will be in their class and get use to the school atmosphere. (Its only for one hour one day of each month so it is a bit of a pain in the behind for us parents!)

She has already made a few friends little S is in her dance class so she already knew her, it was so lovely for them both to have a familiar face on the first day, and little A is the cutest boy you ever saw (you know besides Max) he is super shy and sticks close to his Momma but I'm sure he will adjust fine in the fall.

Delaney has been so excited for school and she really shines when she is there, sure like all kids she has to be reminded that she has to sit on her bum and that she has to listen to madame, but hey she is only 4!!!

To tell the TRUTH I am not only OK with her going to school I couldn't be happier... I was a little worried about her... she has never gone with anyone other than family by herself, she doesn't go to daycare or a babysitter she is home with me all day and with the exception of her brother and the short period when I was sitting for her friend G she hasn't had much one on one time with other kids her age. But if the last two sessions of "school" are any indication of how she will do I think we are in the clear!

Whats your school truth? Does your local school have a program like this? Give me all the details in the comments!

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