Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is Hubby's 33rd Birthday!

I am so excited to have our little annual family celebration!

We always make a cake, blow up balloons, hang a banner and have a great little family party together! I am extra excited because this year I am giving Robyn a gift that I have wanted to give him for a while but in one way or another it wasn't possible or it was not available at the places I had looked...

This year we are giving him a "DAD" ring...

This may sound silly to some and many men who don't wear jewelry may turn their noses up but this is something that Delaney and I have searched for for quite some time...When we picked up this lovely little gift for him I suggested that we have a look around and see what one was best for her one and only Daddy!

When we went into the first store I did all the talking and I made sure that I was clear on what we were looking for, a "DAD" ring in white gold, stainless or titanium, and something in a size 10. After not finding what we were looking for in the first store we left letting the lady know that we may come back. In each store after Delaney walked up to the lady at the counter of the store and said "I am looking for a Dad ring for my Daddy's Birthday..." and then she took over...

In a way I am so glad that I waited to get this gift for him so that Delaney can have the memory of giving it to him, the memory of shopping for it and the feeling of being all grown up and getting her Daddy his Birthday gift!

I hope you have a lovely Birthday Robyn and that you enjoy the day as only you can!

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