Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Novice Knitter...

As I mentioned a few days ago I've started knitting, well I kind of knew how before but I am trying to learn a bit more and finally I making projects! I've gotten help from my mom who taught me in the first place but when she's not around (she lives about 20 mins away) I have been youtubing.... I was so surprised that there are so many videos on knitting. And lucky for me through there I found a great blog about knitting!

ChemKnits blog is filled with free patterns, videos, and tips for knitting from the very basic to more advanced. 

I found this a very helpful video on how to bind off your knitting when you have your project finished, as well as all her videos from her most recent post in which she has 5 videos outlining the basics of knitting!

If you are new to knitting or if you need a refresher, or your looking for a new pattern to try out visit ChemKnits!

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