Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday!


Not only am I a blogaholic I still read them the old fashion way! I visit each blog individually, I don't have an RSS reader and I don't really care for them either. Maybe it's because I am a creature of habit, maybe it's because I prefer to take my time and enjoy stopping by each and everyone of the 40 blogs I regularly visit, either way I would rather check each and everyone individually. 

Once Delaney goes to bed a night I get my ME time and It usually starts with a HOT cup of tea and a little bit of chocolate, then its off to the blogs! I get to sit on my couch and slowly visit the blogs I follow, or even find a few more (see I told you it's an addiction). 

I guess I look at an RSS reader as taking the fun out of reading blogs, you don't get to look at the links in the sidebar or see if your favorite blog has a new look.... plus I get kind of a high from visiting a blog that hasn't updated in a while, and when the pages loads in and you see a new post it's like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. It's like opening up a Birthday gift you thought was one thing and seeing that it is really something else you know that one thing you asked for that you didn't think you'd get! It's wonderful!

How about you? Do you like RSS readers? Do you have one? Or do you have another issue when it comes to blogs?  Either way make sure you Tell the Truth and leave it in the comments!

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