Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly to-do list...

I used to be a personal trainer at a big gym here in NL well they are big all over Canada but that's besides the point. I was also assistant manager there, so I dealt with all the patrons not just the clients I had while training and the one thing that they promote is writing down your goals. It helps to keep you on track with the goals and helps you to achieve those goals as you are holding yourself accountable to them. So in the interest of keeping on track with what I need to or want to get done each week I will be posting a list of my weekly goals, including the things I "need" to-do, "want" to-do and crafty things that I want to cross off my BIG to-do list. 

Weekly to-do list March 6th to March 12th
1. Fix my slippers... they only cost me two dollars but I love them and the bottom is coming off of them so they need to be sewn back toether.
2. Finish the burp cloths that I started last week... need to sew up the opening left to turn it right side out and finish the edge.
3. Finish the bibs that I started last week... same as the burp cloths...
4. Knit 3 more dish cloths... They don't have a pattern they are just a straight knit (mainly because I am just starting to knit and am not great at the other techniques)
5. Make Sugar cookie cut-outs for St Patty's day... Look for the pictures and recipe as this weeks Make it Monday.
6. Make extra sugar cookies for Robyn's Birthday! His Birthday is Wednesday and I want to send him off on his birthday/first day of the new job with a nice little treat!
Not Pictured
7. Make Robyn's Birthday Cake and Cards with Delaney.
8. Go to and be on time for 2 Dr.'s apts this week... it's my first OB apt and I will likely get my apt for my 20 week ultrasound!
9. Make bread...  I do this almost every week it helps us keep on budget and personally I prefer it
10. The usual weekly/ daily household things... Laundry, cleaning the floors, keeping the house clean and all that stuff (it's my least favorite part of being a stay at home momma)

WOW that seems a lot longer than I thought it would be... well if it needs to be done it will be done... 
What do you have on your to-do list this week?

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