Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday cake fun!

I've been planning Delaney's Birthday... again yes it's not until august but as I will have a newborn a week or so before that I am planning ahead and getting everything done early... as I am planning I have been looking back at some of the other fun Birthday cakes I've made.

Most of the time when we have a small birthday at home I make the traditional round 2 layer "Happy Birthday" cake! But when it comes to milestone birthdays, cakes for friends or Delaney's birthday party I do what I can to make it super special. I thought I'd share some of the fun cakes I've made in the past while I brainstorm her cake for this year!

Last year Robyn turned 30! Yup the big 3-0! and to celebrate we had a few friends over for a few drinks and cake... a very fun very yummy cake! The top and bottom bun were vanilla cake and the burger its self was a large round brownie! YUP it was YUMMY!

Then for my best friends Birthday her fiance first requested the world... a globe in fact but when she figured it out we started working on something new and I made her this stack of books and an apple (with a little worm on it) as she is a teacher and avid reader!

Delaney's first Birthday didn't really have a theme... I guess it was really a "It's My First Birthday" theme... so her cake was a big #1 and of course a smash cake so she could get messy and enjoy the cake!

Then for her 2nd birthday we had a Playhouse Disney themed party and I decide that I would make a toodles birthday cake for her (the character on Mickey Mouse Club House that brings them all the tools they need for the days task) 

This year we are having a Strawberry Shortcake Party! I am planning on making something a little less time consuming and lets face it easier.... having a C-Section a week before her birthday is likely going to take quite a bit out of me. I am also planning and making all of the invitations and decorations as well as most of the food, although the food may require the assistance of some family and friends I am hoping to get lots of the other things done in the next few months so that the party flows together and I don't have to do much work once the baby gets here!

Do you make fun birthday cakes? DO you have any fun traditions that you do at home or make sure you make for your family? Leave them in the comments and you may just inspire me to try it out too!

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