Saturday, April 9, 2011

Desk Organizer!

I have been looking at a messy, messy desk for a long time... 

I decided it was time I did something about the mess... even if it was small! What I came up with is small but I am hoping it should be able to help me keep track of the bills and other important mail. 

I took two boxes... 
I cut the flaps off the smaller box and left it pretty much the same then I cut the bigger box apart and made dividers for the smaller box... I tried to make them almost like recipe cards.
(sorry forgot to rotate before I put it in and now blogger wont let it rotate)
Then I covered the smaller box with scrapbook paper that I liked, I used a natural paper with leaves in it as well as the pattern paper seen below...
When I covered it I just took some white glue and brushed it on with a paint brush and then wrapped the paper around it...
Then I wanted the sides to lay flat so I wrapped it like I would a present and glued it again with the white glue, if it wont stay down (like one of my sides wouldn't) you can use hot glue to keep it down... 
Then on the front I added a triangle of the pattern paper to the front to pretty it up some!
Then I covered the dividers with coordinating scrapbook papers by gluing the paper to the cardboard box with a glue stick.
Put it all together and I was done!
Quick easy and helpful! 

Now if only our desk was that easy to organize and put together neatly....


  1. This is a great idea. I always love finding projects to repurpose items :)

  2. I love it when people find resourceful ways to make what they need. Very nice!


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