Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick and easy knitted gift

In need of a thoughtful or quick gift? Maybe both?

I whipped these up in about an hour or so... they are super easy if you are any good at all with your knit and purl stitches. These coffee cup cozy gifts are the perfect gift for my girlfriends (or anyone really)! 
We have a Thursday night ritual, we go out for coffee and then head back to one of our houses as a group and we watch Grey's Anatomy. Since one of the girls birthday is this week I figured that I would put together a coffee themed gift. 
She will be getting this lovely teal coffee cozy, a gift card for coffee and some yummy coffee chocolate chip cookies (recipe on Monday for Make it Monday)

Wondering how to make one of these for yourself? Well here is the easy pattern for my coffee cozy...
after much trial and error I have it all figured out...

Cast on 36 stitches 
knit 1x1 ribbing (one knit and one purl) for about 3 inches or 4 for a larger cozy.
bind off leaving a long tail, thread the tail through a needle to sew a seam up the side. 
Weave in the remainder of the tail. And your done! 

These coffee cozys are a great gift and they are getting much more popular as the general public are getting more and more GREEN. They save you from getting a "double cup" or using the cardboard cup holders, you can find them almost anywhere... but they will run you about 8-15 bucks, or more but making these from yarn I bought at the dollarstore coat about 15 cents. 

So what do you think? Easy, thoughtful and inexpensive... 

Do you have any easy knitting patterns? Have you made any frugal birthday gifts lately? I'd love to see and even try some new projects so leave them in the comments and maybe I will give it a try!

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