Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kid Craft! Easter Decorations!

This is our new Easter Garland! 
It was made over a few craft sessions with my wonderful little artist!
It was super easy and lots of fun for both of us!

Here's how we did it!
We took some craft foam bunnies and Easter eggs that i got at Dollerama...
then we painted them and glittered them all up and made them bright and pretty!
and the final product of our creativity...
Then I took some brightly colored ribbon and tied off the ends so there was a loop on each end for hanging. I laid out the pattern I wanted, flipped them over and put a bead or line of hot glue on the back of each egg or bunny and glued the ribbon right on the back.
Then when it was cooled and all the eggs and bunnies were on the ribbon I hung it up and away we go a new and beautiful Easter Decoration!
Super fun, super easy and super cute. 
Can you spot the one momma made??? Laney wouldn't do hers until i did one too!

Give it a try with your little ones! And if you don't have any craft foam shapes you could always use regular craft paper or funky scrap-booking paper!

Have you made anything fun with your little ones for Easter? I'd love to hear all about it or even see it if you leave me a link to your blog in the comments!

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