Sunday, April 10, 2011

What it means to be a momma....

I am a finalist in a contest being held by another very talented Canadian Momma! 
Beautiful Dreamers Design  makes and creates amazing items for babies and children bedrooms every thing from piggy banks to picture frames and you can see it all on her website (linked above) or HERE on her Facebook group!
She put out the call for those expecting a baby or who have had a baby in the last 12 months on her Facebook page a few weeks ago and then from all entries she picked 10 Momma's or Momma to Be's as finalists and asked them to write out a paragraph as to what being a mommy is to them... so I thought i would share my entry, and no I don't need votes or likes or people to join her Facebook group or anything like that, I just thought I would share it with the Bloggy World!

So here it is what it means to this Momma to be a Momma...

Being a mommy to me is being everything for someone else. Being a mommy is being a teacher, a child's first teacher, showing them how to share, teaching them their ABC's and shapes, guiding them through the stepping stones of growing up. Being a mommy is being a Doctor, kissing boo boos and sprinkling magic fairy dust on imaginary scrapes and cuts. Being a mommy is is being a rock-star,singing and dancing, putting on a show just to amuse them. Being a mommy is is being a role model, showing them that being your self is better than ever trying to be better than someone else. Being a mommy is being wowed everyday, seeing the world through fresh eyes, or feeling your baby move for the first time. Being a mommy is is being amused by the funny things they say everyday or even by the thought that your growing a baby that is a part of you now but will reside in your heart forever. Being a mommy is is being more in love with your child everyday when just yesterday you thought there was no way you could ever love them more, and knowing that tomorrow you will find a way to love them even more than you do today. Being a mommy is allowing a life to blossom within you and loving that life from the first moment you know it exists. Being a mommy is a blessing, it brightens my day and my life.

What does being a Momma mean to you?

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