Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday!

I don't read!

Yes I know how, and yes I read to my child, but for pleasure I don't read... 
I try, but I usually get half way through and stop... I put it down and walk away and never pick up the book again.  It's sad to me sometimes because everyone I know are readers and it seems like a nice past time, you know sit down with a good book and live in another world even for a little while, but I just can't do it... maybe its because I'm such a visual person and its hard to visualize what someone else wants me to see without a clear picture, maybe its because I can't concentrate long enough to get through a book... 

That being said, I am a serious Twi-Hard! and I have read the series more than once (if were telling the whole truth more than twice) and I love it! (except for New Moon which I struggled to get through the first time, it was a long hard read it felt like it dragged on forever).

I think its strange, that I can't read anything other than Twilight... and when that urge to read takes over that's what I do, I read the twilight series and the urge goes away... 

Whats your truth this Thursday? Are you a reader? What do you read and why?

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