Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Easy Easter Treats!

I hate giving generic store bought candy for Easter,  I really hate to give candy at all.
I know that kids are getting candy and chocolate from everyone for the holidays, Easter and all the others too... and I have never met a kid that didn't love rice crispy squares... 
So for Delaney and her friend for Easter I made these!

Rice crispy nests with Marshmallow eggs... 
First thing is first... make a batch of rice crispy squares as per the box instructions (microwave or stove-top method will both work great!) Then I just pressed the warm mix into my mini muffin tin and let them harden completely... when they were ready I melted chocolate chips and poured some into each and then stuck the marshmallows into the chocolate before it hardened...
Egg and Bunny Pops! 
For these I took the warm mix and pressed it into a cookie sheet, let cool for a while maybe 20 mins or so... then cut with shaped cookie cutters... let them harden completely on a flat surface and then insert a lollypop stick. To decorate melt chocolate chips and put into a zip top baggie and cut a small hole out of the corner and "pipe" as you would with icing! 

I bagged these up in Easter Bunny bags and tied them off with a twisty tie and they are ready for gifting...
What treats are you making for Easter?

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