Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday!

Easter is upon us and that got me to thinking....

I have always loved Easter! (who am I kidding I love all the holidays I am a holiday junkie, you mean I can make decorations and gifts to give to people and hear them squeal about how they can't believe that I made this! bring it on!) To me Easter marks spring, it marks no more snow (we hope), it marks chocolate for no reason, who would pass that up and it marks new beginnings. With that in mind I am wondering when and how did Easter become as big as Christmas or Birthdays, I mean I'm all for gifts and I love to give to people but really do we need to have a big extravagant  deal made out of all the holidays?

When I was a kid (and yes this is one of those when I was little we got fruit for Christmas things so be warned...) we got our egg hunt which was in our living room, but we always had to share and make sure that neither my sister or I had more than the other, a chocolate bunny, a spring outfit or pair of new spring shoes and maybe a skipping rope or a bubble set... that was Easter! I thought that was pretty freaking good! but now I hear of  parents that are getting their kids everything from a new bike to a huge party to WII systems and PS3's... Now before you get upset if you can do that for your kids way to go more power to ya! But at the same time I just feel like its a bit too much.... I mean it is the middle of spring, and didn't we just have Christmas? and aren't kids gonna get a truck load of things for their birthdays? 
And the other thing I didn't expect was other people getting gifts and candy and chocolate for my child... Last year my daughters friend gave her an Easter gift, my sister in law gave her a gift and my in laws gave her a gift, then my dad gave her a gift and my mom gave her a gift and it felt like everyone was passing out presents left right and center... I don't remember ever getting a gift from anyone other than the Easter bunny! (and my god mother, she used to get us each one of those hallow eggs with our names written on them)

Maybe I am just old school and think that the Bunny is supposed to bring you a few small things and that be it but it just feels like to much... Maybe it's because I think we didn't get crazy extravagant gifts and we turned out fine, I never felt like the neighbors had it better or that I wanted more for Easter.

I almost wanna say to heck with the Bunny, lets just tell her that he isn't real and that momma and daddy buy you gifts and chocolate just like everyone else... but how can you do that to a kid who wants to believe and trust me Delaney wants to believe...

What do you think, is Easter becoming too much? Do you think it should be scaled back? or do you think the opposite? Leave a comment you never know you might just change my mind...

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