Monday, May 30, 2011

Make it Monday! Pasta Bake!

Ok this is the best, easiest and yummiest go-to dinner ever!
(if I do say so myself)
and better yet it can be made with anything.... 

It's so simple that we don't even have a name for it... 
We call it "pasta bake" "chicken, peppers, and sausage thing" 
or "YUMMY"

So here it is! 

Not exactly a beauty but it's beyond tasty!

Heres how to make it!
(I don't measure for this recipe so judge by the size of your family... my recommendations usually fill a large rectangle Pyrex dish and feeds our family of three one meal with left overs for the next day... PS the left overs are even better)

Penne Pasta 
Chicken (at least 2 breasts cut into bite size pieces)
Sausages (at least 2-3)
Peppers (red, green, yellow what ever you like diced)
Onion (at least one med size diced)
Mushrooms (optional again diced)
Spaghetti Sauce (at least 2 big cans)
Seasoning (I add basil and oregano to the sauce... for the extra yumminess I also add salt and pepper or The Keg Steak Spice!)
Cheese (and good melting cheese is good mozzarella or cheddar is what I use shredded)

Boil your sausages in a large pot of water (unless you buy pre cooked) when the sausages are cooked cut them in slices (if your feeding a toddler cut them in half first) about bite size. Then sweat your onions, peppers and mushrooms in a saute pan. Add you chicken to this pan and cook through! Boil your pasta while cooking your chicken. Once your pasta is cooked drain and set aside until your chicken is cooked. Once your chicken is finished cooking add your sausages to the mix. Add your Sauce and toss with your chicken, veggies and sausages. place in a baking dish and cover completely with cheese, bake at 350 until cheese is melted and bubbly!

See easy and yummy! 

The best part of this meal is you can sub in or out what ever you want... if your in a rush by a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket and skip the sausage... you can make it with or without the peppers if your not a fan or you can switch the pasta if you don't have penne on hand... I've even boiled up a few carrots and diced them up and added in for an extra veggie... 
shhhh don't tell my family... 

Give it a try I bet your family will thank you! 
And if you do I'd love to hear what your family thought! Id also love to hear about your substitutions... make it your own with a change of one or two ingredients!

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