Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday! I like moving furniture!

I like moving furniture!

HEHEHE I couldn't resist!
And now that it 's stuck in your head.....

I like to move my furniture around all the time! 
I do it when I am happy, when I am sad or angry, I do it just because.
To me it makes the house feel clean, and almost new again (even if it's just for a little while).
And since I am a renter it gives me the new fresh feeling without having to move again...
I feel like it makes the house feel fresh, it makes me feel like the house is clean (mainly because I have to clean under the furniture as it gets moved around) it makes me feel like I have accomplished something and that the house is better for it, or that it suits us better, makes the room flow better or allows us to use the room more efficiently, or whatever new reason I can come up with to make Robyn help me...

The worst part about moving furniture is that I have to have it all planed out before we move one thing... Robyn is not one for moving the furniture... ever. If we set it down when we moved in and it works there why move it.... He will help me when I ask (mainly because he gets mad at me if I move it when he isn't home to help, pregnant or not) but he has to know where it is all going and why. 
Yikes.... live in the moment wont ya! 

Do you like to move your furniture too... does it drive your hubby nuts? I'd love to hear your reasons for moving furniture... Maybe I can steal them and use them the next time I want to move the furniture around our house!

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