Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Novice Knitter turned Crochet Convert?!?!

I have mentioned a few times before (like here) that I have wanted to add a little crocheted "Something" to a few of my knitted projects... that little "something" is apparently "simple" and "easy even for a beginner" its a flower... 
which I couldn't, no way, no how make myself... 

I searched YouTube, I watched tutorials on other blogs, I asked my mom to teach me and I followed them all step by step to try and make my own little flowers but they always came out looking more like misshapen circles with little bumps here and there... 

Frustrating? You betcha!

Until.... I found this
Yup Its an easy crochet flower tutorial.... at first I thought "Yeah sure easy...." then I read it and get this it's done in English... yup no abbreviations to Google or "tips" that made no sense to me at all... and then last night I tried it! 

It's a flower! 
I know the pictures are a bit on the dark side but it was 11pm and I was too excited to wait till today to take pictures!

Here are the instructions that Amber posted over on "Life... Unscripted"
"Step by step:
1. chain 4 then slip stitch it together

2. double crochet into the center of the loop 15 times, then join with a slip stitch

3. double crochet into the first loopy thing (so technical around here) then in the same loop do a triple crochet

4. then in the net loopy do a triple first then a double

5. then in the next loopy do a slip stitch

-then start at #3 and go through to # 5 til completed

6.(4 in the picture) do the final slip stitch

Sorry if this is confusing, just leave me a comment if you have any questions and I will get back to you just so long you are not a no reply blogger."

See easy peasy... as you can probably tell I made my original chain bigger than 4 but that was just to make it a bit easier for me to see what I was doing...
I'm in love with it!
I was so excited that I called my mom screaming.. well not screaming but really excited that I finally made a flower!

Have you made anything this week that you thought you'd never learn how to do? Do you get insanely excited like I do when you finally learn how??

If you have a minute stop over and check out Life... Unscripted Amber has some very cool things going on and you can even check out her Etsy store too!


  1. your flower turned out GREAT!! so glad i could help!

  2. I've gone back and forth between knitting and crocheting over the years. I even crocheted a whole afghan one winter. But in the long run I always come back to knitting. Don't quite know why.

    Now you can go back and forth between them too. First a flower and then . . who knows what great things will come next! :)


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