Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So as I have mentioned a few times... Myself and my girl friends threw a shower for our Best Friend this past weekend. it went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all! 

We didn't really go all out with a theme but we centered around cooking and baking as this is one of our brides biggest hobbies. 

We had more prizes than we knew what to do with and they were some great prizes.... 

Here are just some of the pictures of the decorations and such!

Cake as detailed on make it Monday!

Prize/ gift table

Scrap/Guestbook  I had put out lots of scrapbooking tags and paper and pens for guests to send her well wishes. I also asked for guests to bring a recipe with them (most didn't) and I will be putting it all together for the Bride.

 For our tables we kept it simple... our center pieces were martini glasses with the Brides favorite candy in them, we also placed the favors (two heart shaped cookies wrapped in cellophane bags) at each seat.

The food... of course this was before anyone showed up so by the time we were said and done it was doubled.

And our brides favorite part (truth.... it was every ones favorite part I think) the Chocolate fountain! this should be a must at every party!

We didn't decorate with balloons as the Mother of the Groom has a fear of latex balloons so instead I made these in the wedding color which is peacock...

with directions from Martha!

As for games, we played a few of the traditional ones... guess how many gum balls are in the jar, we had two door prizes and a unscramble the couples game... the pairs were household things like Peanut butter and Jelly or Salt and Pepper.

We also had a questions game where the guests filled in what they thought were the "best" answer and then I read the answers out to the Bride and she picked her favorite answers without knowing who said them... 
the questions included... 

Which kitchen tool do you think best describes The Bride and Groom to Be's  relationship?
What baking ingredient best describes The Bride to Be's personality?
What desert best describes The Bride to Be?
Which spice name do you think that Groom to Be would use to describe The Bride to Be?

We also had a guess that spice game where we wrapped up about a tablespoon of a spice in tissue paper (so you could smell the spice through the paper) and had each guest sniff the packet of spice and try to figure out what the spice was... the guests found this one a bit hard only 2 people git all 5. 

All in all the decorations, the games, the food and the cake went over so well everyone had lots of fun and commented that we did a great job! It was a great compliment and it felt great to get to treat our Bride to Be to a great day of no wedding planning and relaxation with her family!

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