Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday!

I feel like a real blogger now... Sounds silly but I really do. 

Now that more than me and Robyn read it and follow it, plus I've been linking and blog hopping and getting myself out there in the blogging world. 
I really feel like a blogger!
The comments, ideas and tips from other bloggers make it so much fun too! 
I love reading the great things that people have to say about me, my blog and the things I do. It makes me giddy! 

I call out across the house "Robyn I've been invited to another linky party!" or "Hey listen to what this other blogger said about my blog". 

I'm in love with blogging! 

 (Almost as much as I love Friday)

I'm a Junkie! 

I think about my blog all the time, I make notes as to what to post and what new projects I want to do(not because I want to do them but because I want to post them!) 
I think about the blog and the comments all the time and I'm flat out in love with blogging!

It makes me feel like I am not just a stay at home momma, I'm not just a wife and homemaker I have something to do with my time and people who will read it. 
It sounds kind of silly but it makes me feel like I'm not always alone, and no I don't think that your really here with me or anything crazy, I just feel like hey there is someone else out there who thinks that what I do or say might be a cool idea, a good project or might be fun to try to make.

So thank you for stopping by, thank you for looking at my projects, thank you for reading my ramblings, thank you for making me feel like a real blogger! 

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