Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Back!

I feel like I've been neglecting the blog for so long... I know I have good reasons and I know that its all that can be done when life falls in your lap and says hey you thought it was all smooth sailing from here well here's a hiccup for ya!

So here are the basics of the situation my husband Robyn has Crohn's Disease which is an autoimmune disease which causes chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal track. It can be quite painful and limits his activities and what he can eat at times. He became very sick just before I met him and was diagnosed just weeks before we started dating. In a very short time he became progressively worse and required surgery in May of 2004. He recovered quickly and has been relatively healthy since then, through watching his diet and taking better care of himself he has rarely had any pain or issues. Then a few months ago he had noticed a bit of a change and requested through our family Dr to see his specialist (whom he had no need to see for 5 years) once he finally got into see the specialist he requested a routine test to be done in his office in a week or two. 
Which just happened to be last week, Tuesday to be exact. 
On Tuesday morning he went for his test and was told that everything was fine and that he would follow up with the Dr soon and that they wanted to do another test (an upper GI)  but it could be a long wait as this is done through X-ray. Tuesday afternoon he wasn't feeling very good and I could see he was finding it hard to get comfortable. I recommended that he go lay down for a while and that it may help him feel better. Not long after he became violently ill and started vomiting he called the emergency nurses' line and they recommended that he go to the ER to get checked out. After a 9 hour stay in the ER, a set of X-rays showed that he had a small bowel obstruction. We caught it early and were very lucky as this can rupture quite suddenly and be fatal in some situations. 
So he was admitted and watched very closely for a few days as it resolved on its own, they believe that it was just caused by a flare up of his crohn's which could mean that he could be sick again anytime or it may have resolved completely and will settle on its own. 
I think that is the worst part about having this disease you never know whats happening because everyone reacts differently to the meds and to different foods and to different situations. But that is the nature of the beast when your body attacks its self on a regular basis.
We were very lucky to have 7 healthy years with little to no complications and are hoping that he will be able to have another very long stretch between this flare up and the next but since there is no cure for this disease we will deal with this for the rest of our lives.

It was very scary and hard to deal with knowing that as a wife there is nothing I can do other than bring him the things he needs, visit as frequently as I could and take good care of myself and Delaney while he was recuperating in the hospital. I admit that I broke down a time or two (maybe from the stress, maybe from the fear, maybe from the hormones.... ) and its hard not to worry knowing that there is not a thing I can do! 

He was released from the hospital early Saturday morning and returned to work Sunday claiming he was feeling well enough... I took him at his work but worried all day! 
I also had my baby shower on Sunday and was busy having fun with my girlfriends when I got a call that our car had broken down/wasn't working properly...

So now we are in the process of figuring out what is going on with our car and making sure that Robyn is doing ok. The worst part of this is that he works about an hour from home and is staying at work while we figure out the car situation, so after being without him all of last week we got him home for one night and lost him again (aka I cant keep my eyes on him to be sure he isn't over doing it or eating things that are really bad for him...) So in the middle of all of this I have not been crafting or cooking or baking or doing anything relatively creative, and since we were all in and out of the house so much over the last week or two the house work got neglected and I spent all day yesterday picking up toys, doing laundry cleaning out the fridge and on my hands and knees cleaning floors. 

I am hoping to get some crafting done over the next few days even if its just to ease my mind and give me something to do to relax... hopefully there will be something new up soon!
But in the mean time if your interested check out this link to the 
for more information.

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