Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspiration for the Kiddos room!

As I have mentioned before Delaney and Baby Max (whose arrival may seem far away to some, much closer to me as I get bigger and bigger and less able to walk the length of myself without 1. having to pee and 2. stop to catch my breath....) will be sharing a room for as long as we are living in this apartment. 
As I very well know he will not be spending lots of his time in there but, I still want to redecorate the room which is now purple so that its not an obvious GIRLS room when he gets here. 

I mentioned here that I am planning to paint the room green (we finally picked the perfect green  "New Grass" by CIL and picked it up today) and that Max's side will be accented with Blues and oranges, and Delaney's side with Pinks and Purples! 

Well here is a better idea for you of my "vision..." Whether it looks like the photos below or not when complete I can not guarantee but here is what I see in my head... 

I am in love with the owls and the circle/bubble themes available right now and I think that this "Retro" owl from WallFry is the perfect combo of the colors I love and the owl and circle theme I am liking for Max's side of the room.

Photo and art credit:
This one is a close up of a canvas for sale on etsy its actually very big and is a picture of three trees, but I am thinking I just like the bubble look up close.
Photo and art credit:
And this was just too cute not to add plus this was the song that we used as the processional song at our wedding... well "All you need is love" but I think this is such a cute idea!

photo and art credit:
I plan on incorporating these ideas in the art work I make myself because as we all know I like to do things myself!
However the other side, Delaney's side may look a little more like this as she is a bit obsessed with a certain girl who is berry sweet....
Photo from and item available at:

Photo from and item available at:

However in all honesty I will likely be just putting up the art work that my sister made for her as well as her butterfly 3d art (my sister made these too and I will be posting about them very soon!) and maybe a Strawberry Shortcake picture or two... 

So there you have it bubbles and owls in orange and blue opposite Strawberry Shortcake in purple and pink. 
I only hope that it turns out as cute as it is in my head and not completely opposite and disjointed as it looks here on the blog....

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  1. I like your owl pictures!

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    June is Potty Training Awareness Month & I am having a Potty Time DVD giveaway and I will be posting about my e-Potty Party in the end of June!!


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