Friday, June 17, 2011

RSS and Email Subscriptions!

As you may have noticed... or not.... I have made a few changes.
One that my sister will appreciate for sure!
I've added an RSS and Email Subscription gadget to the blog making it easier for all of you lovely followers to well follow me...

I honestly thought about doing this right from the get go, day one, page one and then as I was setting up my blog and having a look at what I was writing and posting I thought to myself....

"That's a little cocky.... and hey its only me reading this dribble anyway why add that stuff to a blog that no one will read...."

Well since then I have been posting so frequently, joining linky parties, adding myself to blog hops, and even got featured on Dollar Store Crafts!, not to mention I got an comment asking me to add it as the poster had wanted to add me to her email subscriptions and couldn't (flattering to say the least!!!). 

So now that I am getting a bit more blogging experience under my belt I've added it for you, so please go ahead and subscribe with your favorite RSS reader or by email if you prefer!

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