Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am finding it very hard not to compare every symptom and event in this pregnancy to my previous one. 
I guess its extra hard for me because I am on pretty much the same time line as I was when Delaney was born, she was due on August 13th (born on the 21st) and Max is due on the 17th. I had lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions for about two straight weeks with Delaney and here I am again having them fairly regularly but not enough to go into or even think I'm in labor. I thought all along that Delaney would be born on Regatta day (its a holiday here in St. John's, there are rowing races and carnival games and its all held at a large pond in the east end of the city), she wasn't born on that day but I just thought she would be. That holiday is tomorrow.... and I am now wondering if maybe Max is planning on coming early and will greet us tomorrow... 

Its strange to me how you compare something that you and really no one else has any control over and you know that both experiences will be totally different, but you still use that previous experience as a measuring stick.  I know that there will be differences from my last pregnancy and this one, as well as birth and even raising this baby will be different but still I look back and think well if this happened last time maybe it will be similar, or  since that happened last time it will likely be the same. You'd think though, that since every part of this pregnancy has been so different, the nausea, the intense hunger, the intense thirst, hip and back pain, not to mention the threatened preterm labor I would realize that its likely not going to be anything alike. This baby may never sleep as good as Delaney did/does, he may never have any problems with breastfeeding, he may have a totally different personality and his birth may shock and surprise me all together

Maybe its human nature, maybe its the craziness of a pregnant lady but even though I know that each situation and each baby will likely be completely different I am still sitting here for most of the day each day, comparing and wondering if this time around will be similar...

Do you have kids? Did you think this way when you were pregnant? Did you or are you comparing a recent or current pregnancy to the previous? 
I'd love to hear all about it... Leave me a message in the comments!

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