Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kid Craft! Getting Ready for Baby!

Delaney clearly knows that something is happening! 
She knows that Baby Max is going to be born soon but I think with the flurry of activity around our house in the last few weeks she is realizing what a big deal this is going to be.... 
She has also realized that we haven't been crafting as much together... she has been asking me to color with her more and to paint more than ever, but since I have been resting up (as per Dr orders) we haven't been able to do much. 

So since she has been asking to craft, and has been realizing that Baby Max will be here very soon I decided to let her make a "craft" for Max!

In one of the boxes of wipes I got at the Baby Shower, was a plain white wipes case.

And since my dear Delaney loves Cars and I have made a few things out of the Cars fabric I gave her some Cars stickers and let her go to town! 

Not a difficult craft at all but it was clean, and it was quick but she felt that she had made something nice for her brother to-be!

She was one proud Big Sis!

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