Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo Friday! My Beautiful Flower Girl!

I know I've been talk a lot lately about the wedding we were all in this past weekend, and this is likely my last post about it... for now... 
I wanted to share me favorite photo snapped Of Delaney on the day... and there aren't many. She was great at church but once the rest of the day went on she slowly but surely went way down hill! 
She is 3 and I can't blame her for being tired and I should have expected a bit of a fuss but wow she did NOT want her picture taken.... She was scared of the photographer, she was scared of the camera (not like shes not used to them either...) but what ever happened that day, nerves, lack of sleep, too many people she didn't know, it all led to very few pictures of my darling flower girl... 
I was very concerned  that she was not co-operating and that she was causing such a fuss and eventually she went to my sisters house for a nap and a snack and  came back to the reception right as rain!

Luckily my Mom snapped a few of her while she was calm!

She was quite beautiful that day and I am sure it could have been worse than the few tears and screams that she let out but as a mom and the Maid of Honor I just wanted everything to run smoothly... 
Oh Well...

Have your kiddos been in weddings and had a tantrum? or have they refused to get their picture taken? (please tell me that someone out there has had this happen, I'm not alone right..... RIGHT!)

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  1. Oh! speaking about kid's tantrum especially in wedding is always. I found it very difficult sometimes now i trying to keep my son engage with event. I love the photos.

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