Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kid Craft! Book Marks!

I've been working on activities that start with or involve specific letters of the alphabet for Delaney and the little girl I babysit. They are both 3 and heading to kinder-start next year so I thought it would be a good start for them to at least recognize their letters.

I tried at first with those little activity books that get the kid to trace the letter and put circles around the words that start with the letter on the page...

They didn't quite work... They seem a bit advanced just yet so I put them away and started looking around for other ideas and came up with a few myself too!

I found some great ones that you can have a look at on my For the Kiddos board on Pinterest.

One of the ideas that I had was to make things that started with the letter... and the bookmark was the first thing I thought of.

To make the bookmarks I just cut construction paper in the shape of a thick bookmark then I gave this to the kids along with markers, crayons and stamps and stickers to decorate their own.

They chose the ribbon they wanted to use and went to town making very.... unique bookmarks!

Once they had the coloring done and added lots of stickers I used self sticking laminating paper to laminate them so they would be a bit sturdier...

And TADA they each had a bookmark of their very own!
(I had to make one for Max... couldn't leave him out...)

I apologize for the glare I forgot to turn off the flash and I was trying to work quick before they ran off and on to a new project or game!

(I got the laminating paper at a craft store that is now closed so I can't give you any recommendations as to where to get it now, you maybe able to get it in any store but I haven't really looked because I had some...)

Make any great kid crafts lately? got any letter of the alphabet projects or games that really work with your kiddos? Share in the comments and let me know.... we have 25 letter left to go, I'm gonna need a fresh idea now and then...

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