Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kid Fun! Letter Search!

As part of my project to teach the little girls (Delaney and the girl I babysit) how to recognize their letters I have been hosting a scavenger hunt for the letter of the day!
I got the idea just from looking at this picture on Pinterest.

But once you go to the page you find this awesome post over at Crayon Freckles about teaching your kids the sounds associated with the letters and another great hunting game!

So for our game I hide letters all over the living room and have the little girls look high and low for them. I hide them in obvious places as well as in some relatively hidden places... well for 3 year old girls.

 On the excersaucer.
 On the side tables.
Behind the curtains.
You get the point... Out in the open but hidden enough to make a game of it! but you would be surprised I think they are going to find some so easy but those are the last ones found!

I use plastic magnet letters and foam letters but I also I have written down the letters on construction paper, so really this activity doesn't have to cost any more than a few pieces of paper.

They come to me and beg to look for letters everyday now... Its so cute to see them running around looking for the letter B or the letter C and they have a little healthy competition to see who can find a letter first. Once they have found the letters we count them and they beg me to hid them again!!!

Its fun for them and it forces them to look at the letters and see if it is the letter they are looking for or if it is another letter.

What games do you play that help teach your kids new things? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! :) Hello from your newest fan!

    Devi @ Diddles & Dumplings


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