Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tell the Truth Thursday! I'm A MAC!

I should have listened to you...
You were so right...
All this time I was sitting around fooling myself... telling myself that I was something I wasn't!
But I have changed my ways... I am working to be true to myself!

Oh Justin Long! I am a MAC and you were trying to tell me for so long... I'm sorry I didn't listen sooner but here I am using and loving this Mac like its nobodies business!

I love these ads and I think they are so funny.... and yes I go around our house occationally saying "I'm a Mac"

But in all seriousness I am loving using the Mac and I have found blogging on a Mac so much easier and if it's up to me I will do everything in my power to continue to use the Mac and likely leave the PC to the Husband as he is willing to deal with all the issues has more patience for it.

(I have not been paid or solicited for my opinion on this... Lets face it my blog isn't that big...  I just really like Macs and wanted to share that I have switched to a Mac and that I am really enjoying it.) 


  1. Hello stoping by from I Love My Life As a Mommy & a wife( I love Mac or well just apple stuff all together. I own the second biggest Mac they make... More My husband there then me but somehow I ended up loving it and I use it a ton. I love your blog and I look forward to more posts from you. Have a Great Day! = )

  2. I've only used a Mac a couple times in my life, so I'm a PC girl through and through; it's what I know and what I'm comfortable with. That said, I'm sure I could get used to using a Mac and would probably enjoy it eventually. I'm glad you're having fun with yours!


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