Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've had issues with time out lately...

Mostly because I used to send Delaney to her room for time out but now that Max naps in his crib and they share a room it doesn't really make any sense to send a screaming crying girl to Time Out next to a baby who is enjoying a quiet restful nap.

So for months I have been scouring every Thrift Store and Sally Ann I can find looking for a nice sturdy three legged wooden stool to paint and make pretty for Time Out....


No such luck!

So I lowered my standards and went with just a plain white stool I picked up at the dollar store for 2 bucks (you know I love a deal!!!)

And I went about painting it up and making it a proper Time Out spot!

My sister says "only you can make punishment pretty!" but if it has to sit out in plain view all the time why not have a pretty spot to sit!

Once I was happy with how "pretty" it was I put it in our new time out spot!

Our only worry now is disturbing the cat...

How do you deal with Time Out?

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  1. I like your time out spot. We have a special chair too. It is yellow. So I can just say go sit in the yellow chair and the kids know what that means. I think I need to pretty it up a little though! Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.


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