Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it is the day of love and all that.... I love romance as much as the next person but I find that on this day each year I feel that its just too much. Too much pressure about what your valentines does or is going to do for you, too much pressure on the guy to impress too much pressure to profess your love. Its just too much. However we do celebrate the holiday in our house, on a small scale but we do celebrate!

This year because Delaney is another year older and more capable we made most of our Valentines, we did it very simple of course just folded paper into a card and she colored them with markers and crayons and put stickers on them and made them her own. As for me I made the card and gift for my Valentine as well but it took a bit longer than sticking a few stickers on a piece of paper. I made a puzzle piece Valentine booklet and some candy roses for my hubby.

I actually first made the roses when in High School we had to start our own business, a friend and I started making them and they sold out so quick. They are very easy to make and can be done so fast and easy. I made them with 2 Hershey kisses put together at the flat ends, I placed a stem you can buy them in the craft section at Wal-mart and in some dollar stores. then I covered them with red tissue paper or you could do it with red cellophane or basket wrap. I taped it down with red tape but you can use floral tape too.Then the roses are done.

To make the card I traced out the shape of the puzzle piece that I wanted to use (borrowed from one of Delaney's puzzles) and then made enough copies of the shape to make the booklet that I wanted. I added pictures and little scrapbook journal squares, wrote little love notes on each page as well as on the front of the booklet and on the last page. (as seen below)

One part of my love note.
 This one was from when we first started going out.
 One from the day our daughter was born.
 One of Miss Delaney from last Christmas.
 One from our wedding day!
And one from the ultrasound we had a few weeks ago!

All in all Husband loved it and thought it was very cute. It didn't take long to make, nor was it hard to do and it was exactly the kind of Valentine I wanted to give!
To me this is what Valentines day is about, showing the one you love how much they mean to you. Its also about being personal and I guess because I'm crafty its also about making your valentines and putting time and hard work into them, although my husband almost always gives me a store bought card and I love it.

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