Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday

In an attempt to keep up with the new ideas and schedule I have set up for the blog, Ive decided that Fridays will become Photo Fridays! 

I love Photography be it a photo I just can't stop looking at, or one that I have taken and just love. I am by no means anywhere near professional and I am only using a point and click camera but the idea that you can convey sadness, joy, serenity or just general awe with a photo is amazing to me. Its actually a dream of mine to own a great camera and be able to take classes or lessons in Photography. I did have a breif stinit as a photographer at a chain store as a portrait photographer and I loved it but the hours and were long and it just didn't work with our family schedule when Robyn started to get earlier shift at his job. I miss it and sometimes think that someday when I'm no longer a stay at home momma I might just go back to it or maybe if by then I have that fancy dream camera and those photography classes I might just do it as a part time gig on my own.... 

So on Fridays I will be posting either a few of my photos or a few that I have found online or from a friend who has a bit more talent with a camera than I do.  

So here are a few photos that I snapped while visiting my in-laws in Little Hearts Ease, NL. These were taken in September just days after our wedding. While we were out visiting them a huge hurricane called Igor hit our province and cause some major devastation including what you will see below. We were trapped for about 6 days without a way to get home due to road washouts. It wasn't all bad we had lots of fun too including the photo opp I had. 

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