Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachelorette Party fun! Part 2

I showed you yesterday some of the fun things I did for the Bachelorette Party we held this past weekend and here is more....

I made each party goer one these survival bags....

These were planned as a way to give the attendees everything they needed for the night in one neat package rather than passing out the few game cards and such throughout the night as needed.

I used the same label on the outside of the bag as I did for the cupcake toppers and I just glued them with a regular glue stick to the front of the bag.

Inside they each found, one pair of Mardi Gras beads (this was for the don't say his name game, no one was to say the name of the groom to-be all night), a ring pop (cause they're fun), a glow stick (to easily identify each other when they went out to the clubs dancing), a party goers pledge (see below), a card with the phone numbers and names of the DD's and the bridesmaids in case anyone got lost in the clubs and the two game cards they would need (see below).

The survival bags were such a hit! 
Everyone loved them! 
And they made things flow a lot better too as all we had to say was in you survival bag is... and they all just pulled the item out and were ready for the next game.

I made up this party pledge based on one I found online and I just changed it up and re-worded it to suit our party!

 Basically I wanted to make sure they all knew that we had DD's available so drinking and driving was completely eliminated and that this was a night of fun, giggling and being silly!

The games we played were Guess the Name of the Dirty Drink, and Well I've Never. 

The Dirty Drink names were easy to find online and I just made a fill in the blank page for that game and did up a poster board to give them the names for the drinks. 
(I wont post them here due to ADULT CONTENT but if you Google it trust me there are many to be found!)

The Well I've Never game is loosely based on two other games, Never Have I Ever where you tell the group out loud something you have done that was naughty and anyone else that has done it has to drink with you, and the other game I think... (can't be sure because there was alcohol consumed when we played it) is called WHAT its a board game where you write down your answer and everyone has to guess who said what when they are read out loud. So I did up little sheets so that each lady could write down their answer and play that way but as things tend to do when alcohol is involved it deteriorated and just became Never Have I Ever.... but I must say that it was very interesting to hear what all these ladies had written down!

And besides that we had the typical  Brides scavenger hunt and pin the parts on the hunky fireman... (priceless) 

A lot of these ideas can be adapted to other parties, I plan on doing the cupcake toppers for Delaney's Birthday Party (which is approaching faster than I keep up with) and the labels on the bags make for cheap frugal loot bags too!

PS. if you'd like a copy of the game cards or the pledge leave me a comment or email me and I will certainly send it pack for you to print at home! 

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