Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachelorette Party Fun! Part 1

This past weekend, myself and my girlfriends held a Bachelorette Party for our Best Friend... (Her name is on a few of the things I made for the party so you will learn very shortly that her real name is Erika... I guess her anonymity is gone for good now!)

Of course I made her cake but I wont be posting that due to ummm ADULT CONTENT.... but I also made a few other very fun things!

As well We all made a few things to contribute to the snacks for the evening.
As you can see we didn't go hungry!

We didn't really have a theme to the night but one running joke was that We're Team Edward! as Our friend is marring a man named Edward and she is a bit of a Twi-hard (like me.... )!

I made some very yummy cupcakes that went over very well!

I used the same recipe that I used here for the Easter cupcakes... and of course I use my recipe for butter cream icing found here. Then I just dyed it teal which is the main color for the wedding it's self, I did that with the Wilton teal icing color. (gives such a rich color and doesn't water your icing down! highly recommend it if you haven't used it before!)

I also made the cupcake toppers as well I used them for the survival bags for the guests! You can see them above but here is a close up...
(Sorry its a bit dark had to turn off the flash so you can read it!)
To make these I used Microsoft Word, I made a circle then typed the wording in the circle. Then I printed and cut them (you could do this with a circle punch) then I cut out a circle of the black or teal card-stock that was just a bit larger than the paper circle.Than I hot glued a toothpick to the back!

More on the Bachelorette Party tomorrow!
Here's a sneak peak at the survival bags I made up too!

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