Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No More Sippy Cups!

Over the last few weeks I have been tackling the sippy cup issue... as we approach Delaney's third birthday I think its time she learn how to use a cup the right way! Maybe I'm a bit early or late but up until now it hasn't been an issue...
But lately when given a sippy cup she bites the top and pulls the lid off and thus spills her drink all over herself and he floor.... Then we thought a straw would do the trick but she then figured out she could fill her mouth with the drink and swish it around in her mouth and if she did it fast enough it would dribble out the sides of her mouth and thus still make a mess.... so its time to be a big girl, time to correct bad behavior and time to drink from a big cup! 

I started by giving her very little in her cup and a little encouragement and day after day she got a little better and a little better...  and now....

So, all of these cups are TRASH! It made me so happy to toss them and get rid of the chewed up lids and grungy old cups....

When did you transition from sippy cups to a regular one for a big kid??? Did you have a hard time making the switch?

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