Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I am a very PROUD CANADIAN! 
And since today is Canada Day I thought I would share the top ten reasons that I am so glad to live in Canada!

1) It's a beautiful country! And lots of it is still untouched... you can still take a hike in the woods, or go jump in a lake!
2) You can see almost anything in Canada from beautiful oceans, to big cities, to the Rocky Mountains that seem go on for ever, sand dunes, dinosaur bones and grassy plains.
3) There are so many diverse cultures... our country really is a melting pot! 
4) SNOW! I love snow... in the winter at least... 
5) Tim Horton's! There's always time!
6) Captain Kirk was born here....
7) Trivial Pursuit! It was created by two Canadian journalists you know...
8) Democracy! Getting the right to vote is one amazing thing I tell ya!
9) Robert Munch! Amazing Canadian Children's Author!
10) C-A-N-A-D-A.... its easy to learn how to spell in school and it means Village! Our Country is one big village!

There are so many more.... but either way you look at it its great to be Canadian!
So to all you Canadians out there... 



  1. Happy Canada Day!

    I’m stopping by from Hop Along Friday and following on GFC. I hope you’ll drop by my blog and follow back.

  2. Happy Canada Day!

    I'm also half Canadian. My Dad is from Winnipeg. I've never been there but want to visit sooo bad! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you back! :-)


  3. Cute Blog! I loved it so much I decided to follow! Happy Saturday!! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!

  4. I loved my time in Montreal and especially Toronto! Would love to take my Daughter for her first International trip, but maybe not in January when I went lol.
    New follower from the hop, please come by and visit me!

  5. Stopping by from the blog hop and I am now a new follower of your blog thru GFC. I don't believe I have ever seen this color on a blog before. Really different and kinda gives me the old timey feel. I would love a follow back if you don't mind. Take your time as it looks like we have two holidays, 4th of July and Canada Day. Happy Canada Day and have a great weekend.



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