Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

Today for me is more about celebrating my Husband and my Mom.... sounds strange... 

Well for a long while, most of my life I feel, my Mom has also been my Dad.... and I always try to do something for her on Fathers Day as well as Mothers Day. 
I feel like if you are doing both jobs you get both days! 

My Mom has always been my rock and one of the people who shaped my life teaching me right from wrong, how to be a lady, how to be myself and most of all how to be sure your treated the way you deserve! She always believed in me and to this day still tells me how proud she is of me! 
Happy Fathers Day Mom!

My Husband is one of the most amazing men I know and he is the light in Delaney's eyes! When she sees him come home she screams and runs to him, when she hasn't seen him in a couple of days like last week when he stayed at work due to car issues she woke up at night crying that she wanted her Daddy! 

We are so grateful for such an amazing man and I thought that the rest of this post ought to be dedicated to him!

Happy Fathers Day Robyn!

I hope that you and your family have a lovely Fathers Day with whom ever you consider your Father figure to be!

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