Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! Writing about your family!

Do you ask your family before you post about them?
Do you hit publish post and then think oops maybe that wasn't for the whole world to see?

Last week around the bloggy world two of my favorite mommy bloggers posted about this on the same day.... weird? maybe.... maybe not!

Mom-101 posted "Drawing the line" about a funny story that her daughter told her well really a slip of the tongue and then she was mortified and begged that Mom not talk about it... or write about it...

Then Mommy said what? posted "Where do we go from here?"  In which she too spoke to her daughter about posting stories about her, asking if it was ok if she shared some of these stories to which her daughter said "yesh" (yes in three year old... but you already knew that....) "but don't tell anyone."

I wonder a lot of the time if the pictures and stories I post today will harm my child or my family... I make sure not to use names of family and friends if they don't want me too... or if they don't know I even have a blog, which most of my friends don't... but I do wonder that if I say something about Delaney or even just using her name on the blog will hurt her later in life...

This internet thing is permanent I know that and I know that even if I didn't put it here, its still on facebook and its still in email and all that, but is what I'm saying and doing going to change her or hurt her when someday she is applying for a job and the boss Googles her and comes up with a picture of her as an "Irish Princess" at 2 years old or worse.......

After hitting post on the "I'm back" post last week I read these two posts and thought uh-oh what is hubby going to think about me posting all about his illness and what had happened to cause his hospitalization that week... I mean no I didn't go into every detail of his illness and all the tests and procedures he has had or any really personal details of what hospital he was in or what were the conditions of his release... but still its his life. We may share this life as husband and wife but is it my place to say anything at all about him? Long story not so short I got hubby to read it... he said it was fine, he didn't care and it sounded good to him.... (Good thing too because it was already on the blog for the world to see)

So I guess my truth this week is I wonder where to draw that line in the sand myself sometimes.... do I post only what I know has been approved by those who are involved, or do I post what I want to (keeping in mind that I personally choose not to use names).
I usually go with the latter and hope that it dosen't get me into trouble later...

What do you do? Do you feel that it's an issue for you or not?

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  1. This is a very important question that I think all bloggers need to consider....all parents even.

    I used to post my kids photos, but I have not done that in years, and I have tried to erase any photos that I did post, but as you say you never know.

    I am your newest follower, and I would like to invite you to the Follow Us Monday Morning blog hop at Frugality Is Free.


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