Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Friday! SPRING!

Spring has begun to... well spring up all around us!

So I thought I'd share how spring is looking through my lens...

These pretty purple wild flowers are growing in our "garden" I say "garden" because lets face it its a patch of rocky dirt in our back yard... but with that said I can see them from our kitchen window and just seeing something growing puts a smile on my face... and purple always reminds me of my mom and how can you hold back a smile when you think about your momma!

This is... I don't know what this is.... (I am so not a gardener!) but whatever it is, is growing in my mom-in-laws garden. (she SO is a gardener!) It was the first bud that Delaney saw this spring and it made her very happy to tell me that she discovered it!

Happy Friday and I hope that spring is springing up all around you too!

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