Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working Out Wednesday! Butt Buster Muscle Move!

It another amazing Working Out Wednesday!

So last week I promised an awesome Butt Buster Muscle Move and since I am usually very reliable... here I am to deliver!

My Favorite Butt Buster is one that you can do just about anywhere... you may not want to to it everywhere but you could...

Its the simple and standard SQUAT!

Doing squats will work your bum, and almost all the muscles in your legs. Its a great simple exercise that will tone and lengthen your muscles plus you can make small adjustments that will help you target other areas as well!

Squats are basically bending your knees and pushing your bum out... it almost looks like you are sitting down in a chair.

There are some basic safety concerns that you want to focus on as your doing squats...
Keeping your back straight  make sure that your knees are lined up with your ankles and when you bend your knees that they shouldn't protrude over your toes. 

Modifying squats is easier than you think...
You can widen your stance to shift the focus to the inner and outer thigh.

And you can of course add the weight of your choice top make it a bit more taxing on your body... and what weight is more accessible than your CHILD!
(sorry about the fuzzy photo when your husband says he will take your photos while you do blog stuff sometimes you just have to take what you can get.)

TRAINER TIP: Working squats in as part of your regular daily routine can be easy too... try to do one squat for each piece of clothing you fold as you tackle the mountain of laundry that your family creates daily or as you watch TV with your kids do one squat for every-time one of the characters says something that they would repeat regularly like the main characters name or where they are going... because we all know there is a certain little girl and her monkey friend can hardly resist telling us 500 times!

Working a few squats into your day can not only do wonders for your behind but also for your mind! It will refocus you as you take a minute to do something for yourself and as you take a minute to leave the stress of raising kids to put that energy into fitness!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Workout!

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