Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Kid Craft! Crayon Resist Water Color!

A few weeks ago we tried a new project...
Crayon Resist Water Color!

It's super fun and its actually what we turned into our Easter Cards!

If you are not familiar with the method here is how you do it!

Step One: Write or draw on the paper with crayon. You can use white crayon or colors... (try telling a three year old not to use color...)

Step Two: Paint over the crayon with watercolor paints in a thin even coat. Or in a mess of colors and thickness...

Step Three: Sit back and admire your art!

So this is what Delaney and I did for Easter, and then I turned them into cards which you could do for any event or holiday really...

I just folded a piece of paper in half, had Delaney trace her name on the inside with the greeting and on the other half I traced an egg shape, cut it out, and glued her painting along the edges to the front of the card but if you were doing it for a birthday or even just a thinking about you card for a family member you could cut out a flower shape hole or even just a rectangle.... either way your showing off your child's art and when looking at that what family member is going to care about the shape on the front???

Total this project took up maybe 2 hours of our time (including waiting for paint to dry and me cutting out the hole in the cards but if you have older kids they could do that themselves too!) We of course had the paper and crayons on hand (not sure there is a toddler house out there without crayons in it...) and while we did have the kids water colors on hand you can usually get them for fairly cheap at the dollar store or the craft store! (note: It has to be Water Color Paint regular craft paint is too thick and will just cover your crayon drawing.)

Give it a try and let me know how yours turned out! Id love to hear about your adventures in Water Color Painting with your kids!

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