Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Cards By Delaney!

I hate buying cards..... I like the sentiment, I like the cute sayings, I like the animals or cartoons or what have you on the front, I hate paying 4 dollars for one card.... and yes I am aware that the dollar store sells cards and that is usually where I get my cards but when you have 5 birthdays in one month (or more) plus the major holidays that's a lot of money on cards!

I like to make my own cards, I know that not everyone likes homemade gifts or cards but when your on a budget and trying to get your child involved in crafts or even the holiday/birthday I find it much more fun and much more frugal to make them at home, not to mention who wouldn't be happy with a handmade card from a 2 year old.

This month we have a whole pile of Birthdays, Robyn's just passed and in this week alone we have his sister, my mom and my dad. That's just this week.....  So we sat down at our kitchen table the other day and began the card making process. I gathered up some printer paper, some paint brushes and paint, markers and crayons. Then I let go of my need to making sure my child was clean, make sure my table and floor were clean and also trying to keep each paint color separated on her palette (a piece of extra paper). 

And away she went happy as a lark painting away.... 
She painted a lovely pile of Delaney Originals and I set them aside to dry... once dry I folded them either in half or in 4 and gave her full reign to color and mark them up and put stickers where she wanted and anything else she wanted to do.... then I added the Happy Birthday message and of course, Love Delaney! and they were finished! PS to save having to send a second card from Robyn and I, I write (and my mommy and daddy too!) below where I write her name... (you can call me cheap but when on a budget every dollar adds up) 

And of course as I said I had to let go of making sure my child was clean..... I never finish a craft project with Delaney without taking a few pictures of her all covered in her mess... so here you go! 
My Tiny Artist!

Have you done anything crafty with your kids this week? Have you been making your own Frugal Birthday cards? Let me know in the comments if you have any other frugal tips for celebrating Birthdays at your house!

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