Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a week, what a week...

This has been one strange week... I have been riding the hormonal roller-coaster that is pregnancy, I have been so mad, frustrated, sad, happy and crazy this past week, well I say week but really I mean since Wednesday. I have not been able to control my emotions at all and I hope that this is caused by the hormones and will pass soon or at the very least in 5 or so months after the baby is born and I can try to pick myself up and dust myself off and become me again. 

I have yelled at everyone, I have cried hystericaly and I have been so unbelievably frustrated and mad that I have wanted to start a hitting my own husband (yes I have been that mad at him before but I have always been able to walk away and control my emotions and in this situation I was ready to put 'em up and duke it out) and I have done what I feel is the worst I scared my daughter half to death and she had to console me as if she were the mother and I the child.... she is so unbelievable and wise for her age. 

A few good things came out of this week though, I got to take my baby girl shopping for a few hours and she got to pick out a new book (one of her favorite things to shop for I might add... ), She got to send a care package using her own money to her sick cousin, I got to take my yearly Paddy's day picture...

 My "Irish Princess"

Robyn had his drug testing and medical for his new job and of course he passed with flying colors, I got to visit with my mom and sister, I got to sleep in and I really mean sleep in, till 11:30 I can't remember the last time I slept that late and best of all I lived through it all as happy, or unhappy as I was during the whole thing I'm still alive and still able to keep going on with my life. Tomorrow is always just around the bend, and I have these two wonderful people to keep me going. 

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