Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly to-do list...

It's the end of another week and start of  a brand new one! So of course I need to get another to-do list out there.... I really found out that putting it up here on the blog really held me accountable! The only thing I didn't get done was the extra sugar cookies for Robyn's Birthday.... and to tell the truth I'm not all that tore up about them. I did have a bit of trouble with the Bib's and the Burp cloths... they didn't all get finished but they are super easy to finish, and it wasn't really even my fault that they didn't get done, I had a few issues with my sewing machine and rather than get too mad at it and put it away for another 3 months or more I thought I would give it a few days and I will likely be working on those in the next few days. But other wise last week was a success! So here is this weeks to do list! 
To-Do March 13th to March 20th
1. Write and wipe style frame! - I found this frame at the Salvation Army before Christmas and planed to use it for a Christmas gift but time ran short and it never got done... I want to turn it into a white board type to do list for our kitchen.
2. Hot chocolate tin up-cycle! - We used to buy out hot chocolate in BULK! and I mean BULK! We used to buy the Club Pack brand at out local super store or if cheaper the name brand and they always came in these huge tins, I have used them for ages for pens, pencils, ribbon left overs, stamps etc. But they look kind of ugly without something covering the labels, so I am planning to re-cover or revamp them in some way.... More on that later this week! 
3. Tea cup pin cushion! - My mom's birthday is this week (I know we just had Robyn's birthday this week but this is by far our busiest month for birthdays! I have Robyn's sister, my mom and dad all this week). I plan on making her a tea cup pin cushion as part of her gift. Inspiration found HERE
4. Practice my Knitting! - well not my Knitting it's self... my Knit stitches are great, if I do say so myself. I need to practice my Purl stitches as I plan on making some ribbed coffee cup coozies for Christmas.
5. Scrap style up-cycled books! - I want to try my hand a making a few brag books for Mothers day for Robyn's mom and mine as well as a little book for Delaney to help her know what her role will be when the baby comes. The ABC board book and the Spider-man book will be done with inspiration from HERE
6. Taggy blankaly - I want to try my hand at making a taggy blankaly for my friend who is also expecting, she wont be finding out what she is having before hand so I am making it as gender neutral as I can.

So there we have it my list for the week, on top of all my regular everyday things to do of course... 
What do you have to do this week? Did you get everything you needed to or wanted to do last week done?

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