Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday tips for Spring Cleaning!

Even though we had a snow storm here in NL yesterday.... Spring is on its way (I hope) and if my Mother taught me anything at all it was that in the spring and right before Christmas you clean.... not just your everyday tidy up, you clean top to bottom! 

Things are a bit different from her time to now... Mom used to use Mr. Clean and lest-oil and lots of harsh chemicals.... and while I will use them on some of the tougher stains or messes I prefer not to use them regularly (although the smell of those cleaners smells like CLEAN to me... if you know what I mean....) So my alternative is of course what many Mommas use, Vinegar and Water!

I usually buy my Vinegar at the Dollerama where I pick up my odds and ends (since I don't use vinegar in cooking  it lasts a long time!) but when I recently saw a series of books outlining what you can do with Vinegar and other household products for just $3 I snatched it up right away! Hey if it saves me even a few dollars in the long run it was worth it to me....and I wanted to share my tips anyone who who can use them and a new theme was born! Tuesday Tips! So every Tuesday look for a few new tips using things you have around the house that will help you keep a clean and frugal house.... or maybe a tip or two  to help you stay sane as a Momma! (we all need those too!)

So today I bring you random tips and facts about Vinegar.
Its obvious you can use it as a cleaner, but did you know that you can use Vinegar and Newspaper to wash you windows? Just dip the paper in the vinegar and wipe on the windows then use a dry paper for a final wipe.
How about removing chewing gum from carpet or or cloth? just put straight vinegar on the gum let it sit and then pull away at the gum, if you need it to work a little faster heat the vinegar first!
Make your own furniture polish ... Whisk 1/2 tsp olive oil, and 1/4 cup vinegar in a bowl apply polish liberally on wood surface and wipe away excess. Then store in an air tight container, when your ready for your next polish shake container and repeat. 
Are you worried about pesticides in your fresh fruit and veggies? Keep a spray bottle with straight vinegar by your sink and spray your veggies and fruit before you rinse them the vinegar will help remove the pesticides.

Well that is it for today but look forward to more tips from my new book collection in the near future! 
Do you have any other cleaning with vinegar tips? or any other spring cleaning tips? Leave them in the comments and Happy Cleaning!

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